Yu Group has gained a leading role upon successful completion of various domestic and international projects including malls, offices, administration buildings, business centers and industrial facilities since its foundation in 1997. The company is distinguished especially by new product development, architectural design, and production processes together with high quality turnkey projects.

By its ongoing investments in real estate, energy and industrial development especially in Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Dubai, Yu Group reinforced its place by completing the construction of European Olympics facilities in 2015 and Formula 1 race track in 2016 followed by the operating right for 10 years.

The company also maintains industrial investments with the largest glass plant in Azerbaijan. Yu Group acts in accordance with its vision to provide permanent values to social life and to work for the future with its historical background.

As the leader of shopping mall development and investment business since 1992, Turkmall adds value to its business associates and the entire region by more than 50 projects completed successfully.

As Turkmall develops leading projects by determining the dynamics of Turkish shopping mall industry, the company brought award winning malls to our country such as M1 Adana, Nautilus, Forum Mersin, Forum Istanbul, Bulvar Samsun and Uniq during the period started with Tepe and Metro Group and continued under Multi Cooperation. The company has completed the projects corresponding to more than 6 million square meters.

In terms of retail industry, Turkmall became a founding partner of IKEA franchised stores in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria and Turkey’s first multiple room cinema chain titled Cinemaxx. By developing projects in China, Kazakhstan, the Balkans and Africa in addition to its presence in Turkey, Turkmall brings excitement and inspiration for the future by its business associates located in more than 10 countries.

Founded by Mehpare Evrenol and Alp Evrenol in 1990, Evrenol Architects is an Istanbul based design office providing architecture, interior design and consultancy services in a wide range including urban design, multipurpose areas, residences, commercial areas, offices, accommodation, education, public and cultural buildings. Evrenol Architects mainly develops large scale projects and reinterpret architectural norms obtained by cultural legacy by an architectural approach that follows recent advancements in sociology, psychology, art, science, technics and production. Evrenol Architects designs high quality living spaces together with investors, engineering groups, landscape teams and consultants in compliance with the principle contributing to the improvement of urban culture and focusing on the relation between nature and structure. Developing large scale projects with its young but experienced staff under the influence of “workshop” concept, Evrenol Architects continues its operations since 2012 under the leadership of Mehpare Evrenol and the partnerships with Tamer Tunbis and Burak Karaca.