In Cadde 54 surrounded with prestigious stores and offices focusing on a modern lifestyle approach, every single detail is considered carefully for you to experience the best.

By a professional management vision, Cadde 54 will be one of the most charming alleys of Turkey with its stores, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, shopping center, landscape and social areas.


As a significant city by its proximity to metropoles and tourist attractions, Sakarya is in just
20 minutes distance to Sapanca,
30 minutes to Kartepe,
1,5 hour to Istanbul,
2 hours to Ankara.

Located in the main transport hub connecting the Marmara Region to Anatolia, Sakarya stands as one of the most important cities in Turkey due to tourism and industrial investments.

International highways titled TEM and D-100 (previously E-5) and the railroad line between Haydarpasa and Arifiye highlight the geographical importance of Sakarya as a hub connecting Europe with Asia.